Global, Current, and Relevant Evidence

A unique suite of evidence-based information helping healthcare professionals, policymakers and academics access the best available evidence to inform and integrate into practice.

EBP Database - The JBI Evidence-Based Practice Database covers a wide range of medical, nursing, and allied health specialties and includes a unique suite of information that has been analyzed, appraised and prepared by expert reviewers to enable health professionals and policymakers to integrate the world’s best evidence into practice, including:

  • Evidence summaries – A summary of the current evidence to inform decision making at the point of care, in a useful, easy to read format.
  • Evidence-based recommended practices – step-by-step reliable evidence-based best practice standards and principals designed by clinicians for clinicians across clinical specialties in acute care, long-term care and rehabilitation therapy.
  • Best Practice Information Sheets – Brief, clinically focused overviews of the key methods and findings of high quality JBI reviews with a focus on supporting clinical care and decision-making.

JBI Evidence Implementation is an official journal of JBI. It is an international peer-reviewed online journal that publishes manuscripts encompassing evidence implementation. It includes investigations of feasibility, applicability, meaningfulness and effectiveness in health care delivery and practice. JBI Evidence Implementation seeks to disseminate rigorous, high quality research that informs and furthers the science and practice of evidence-based healthcare (EBHC) with a focus on implementation and improvement science.

JBI Evidence Synthesis is an official journal of JBI. It is an international peer-reviewed, online journal that publishes manuscripts encompassing evidence synthesis and healthcare. JBI Evidence Synthesis seeks to disseminate rigorous, high-quality research that provides the best available evidence to inform policy and practice through the science and conduct of systematic and scoping reviews. The journal publishes systematic and scoping review protocols, diverse types of systematic reviews, and scoping reviews covering multi-disciplinary healthcare-related topics that follow methodology and methods developed by JBI.