Tools to appraise and implement evidence

Access to JBI’s easy–to–use tools to appraise evidence and implement evidence-based practice.

JBI SUMARI (System for the Unified Management of the Assessment and Review of Information) 
Appraise evidence using JBI’s premier software for the systematic review of literature that manages all aspects of conducting a systematic review from protocol development to critical appraisal, data extraction, synthesis and reporting, and supports 10 different review types, including reviews of effectiveness, qualitative research, economic evaluations, prevalence/incidence, aetiology/risk, mixed methods, umbrella/overviews, text/opinion, diagnostic test accuracy and scoping reviews

JBI PACES  (Practical Application of Clinical Evidence System)
PACES is a user-friendly online tool that makes it easy for health professionals to conduct efficient, time-saving audits in healthcare settings to achieve better outcomes for patients and healthcare consumers.

The system consists of an online database for the collection of data on clinical activities based on the clinical audit process, an online generic work plan related to problem identification, action planning and action taking, and an online facility to compare individual results with the industry average.

A new and improved version of PACES will be available in 2020.