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About reflective practices & maintaining awareness in the moment that will help you reduce stress in the classroom!

Presenter: Dr. Kathleen Quinn, Director, Professor, Women’s Integrative Health practitioner, Psychotherapist


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How Everyday Civility© Impacts Nursing Education: Evidence-Based Practices

Recent national research studies in healthcare demonstrate that lack of civility and respect can significantly impact patient care, safety, and mortality, as well as team productivity and performance.

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Lippincott Nursing Conferences

The Lippincott Nursing Conferences; National Conference for Nurse Practitioners (NCNP) and Nursing Management Congress 2017 (NMC) are delighted to celebrate National Nurses Week! Read below to learn more about our conferences !


We’re delighted to announce Nursing Management Congress 2017: The Conference for Excellence in Nursing Leadership that will take place October 2-6, 2017 at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sponsored by Wolters Kluwer, publisher of Nursing Management journal, the conference offers you educational sessions that will renew the practical and critical thinking skills you need to improve the overall quality of patient care.  NMC offers you the opportunity to meet and listen to outstanding faculty such as innovative leaders who have experience presenting at a national level but are also in practice. At NMC there’s something for every level of nurse leader in every practice setting. 


The National Conference for Nurse Practitioners is the "must-attend" conference for all Nurse Practitioners! Attend our conference and experience a unique program; a variety of sessions covering relevant topics, an evidence-based approach to learning and hands-on workshops.  Our top-rated speakers, experts in their respective fields, will cover a broad array of topics for practitioners in either primary or acute care settings. The conference will meet your continuing education needs by providing skill-building forums that deliver comprehensive, results-oriented patient care strategies. PLUS - network and exchange ideas with your peers!

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! 

“Huge fan of the incredibly easy series. It got me through nursing school 8 years ago and still aids me in brushing up and test prep.”…Highly recommend as a quick refresh for the visual learner!” Amazon 5 Star Review

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Happy Nurses Week 2017! In conjunction with the American Nurses Association’s (ANA) Nurses Week theme of “Nursing: the Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit,” we are pleased to offer you a complimentary sample of our leading evidence-based content from Lippincott Solutions, the best-in-class, evidence-based decision support and competency validation software for institutions.

Team Motivation

Lippincott Professional Development Collection is an online, evidence-based, clinical education and competency validation solutions that consists of over 370 clinically focused courses and offers CE for your staff and optional integration with your facility LMS.  Click below to enjoy free access to our ‘Team Motivation’ course from the Leadership and Management program set.  


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Teamwork and Collaboration

Lippincott Professional Development Toolkit includes a library of customizable, online lesson plans that support live instructor-led training, while also providing a blended, online learning experience that enables clinical educators to easily author, share and assess their program’s performance.  Click below to enjoy free access to our ‘Teamwork and Collaboration’ lesson.  


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