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At Wolters Kluwer, we’re dedicated to providing trusted educational content that meets the needs of today’s faculty and students. Our goal is simple: to provide you with flexible and dynamic options that help you train tomorrow’s effective practitioners. This site provides an overview of some of the most popular Wolters Kluwer resources for PA programs.

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The Names You Know for Anatomical Sciences

All health science students need a solid foundation in the basic sciences. From introductory level undergraduate books through world-renowned advanced Clinical Anatomy texts, we offer a full suite of content designed to fit into your course. 

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Browse through our lineup of renowned texts to find the content that is right for your course.

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Institutional Solutions

The LWW Health Library is your portal into the Lippincott Content you need to build an integrated, dynamic, and engaging course. With integrated media, student quizzing, smart search, and a wide array of clinical resources, our Physician Assistant and other health sciences collections can help you ensure that students access vetted, trusted sources as they train for their future career.

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Keep your students up to date on the latest research in the field with Lippincott journals. Bring the latest advances to your classroom to enliven discussion, broaden your student’s understanding of best practices, and build a solid understanding of how to read and interpret research. Visit our journals site to learn more.