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Anatomy and Physiology


Textbook of Head and Neck Anatomy, 4th Editon

James L. Hiatt, PhD
Leslie P. Gartner, PhD

Textbook of Head and Neck Anatomy


Applied Anatomy and Physiology for Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology

Donald R. Fuller, PhD, CCC-SLP
Jane T. Pimentel, PhD, CCC-SLP
Barbara M. Peregoy, AuD, C-A

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Digital Textbooks


Through our partnership with VitalSource, we are able to offer an innovative platform that makes textbook content more engaging, more effective, and better able to improve student learning outcomes. Students can:

  • navigate through the text in a way similar to navigating the web
  • see concepts illustrated as they read them through embedded videos
  • make highlights and notes, allowing them to customize their book
  • share highlights and notes

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Neuroscience for the Study of Communication Disorders, 5th Edition

Subhash C.
Bhatnagar, PhD

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Hearing Science

Hearing Science
Diana Emanuel, PhD, CCC-A

Tomasz Letowski, PhD, ScD

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Audiology The Fundamentals, 4th Edition

Fred H. Bess, PhD
Larry E. Humes, PhD

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Audiology and Communication Disorders: An Overview, 2nd Edition

Larry E. Humes,
Fred H. Bess

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Handbook of Clinical Audiology, 7th Edition

Jack Katz,
Marshall Chasin,
Kristina English,
Linda Hood,
Kim Tillery


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Speech Science

Speech Science Primer: Physiology, Acoustics, and Perception of Speech, 6th Edition

Lawrence J. Raphael
Gloria J. Borden
Katherine S. Harris


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Stuttering: An Integrated Approach to Its Nature and Treatment, 4th Edition

Barry Guitar

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Treatment of Stuttering: Established and Emerging Interventions

Barry Guitar,
Rebecca McCauley

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Voice Disorders

Understanding Voice Problems: A Physiological Perspective for Diagnosis and Treatment, Fourth Edition

Raymond H. Colton
Janina K. Casper
Rebecca Leonard

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Speech Sound Disorders

Speech Sound Disorders

Shelley Velleman

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