Sami Hero, VP Customer Experience & Engagement

Summit opening and setting the stage for digital transformation. The deck is here and entire Adobe video is here.

Jane Marks, VP Publishing & Product Management

Jayne covered market changes and direction for our various product lines and intitiatives. Her deck is here

Jonathan Tam, Research Director, Siriusdecisions

Jonathan shared with us various business models and how digital transformation plays into them. His deck is here

Cathy Wolfe, President & CEO of Health Learning, Research & Ptractice

Cathy covered the state of business and direction for the business. Her deck is here

Chip Rodgers, CMO and Community Expert, SAP-Alumni

Chip gave us a great overview how he and his team built an incredible professional community around SAP products. His deck is here

Janet Bartoli, Senior Digital Strategist, Accenture & CEO Java Kai Digital

Janet's insightful presentation on digital marketing & SEO is here

Gareth Williams, VP Global Sales

Gareth gave us a glimpse into what is Miller Heiman solution selling methodology. Here is the deck and more details

John Friscia, US Nursing Education Sales

John briefed us on the complexities of the nursing education sales. It's not only B2B but also B2S (students - see what I did there...) with lots of permutations on decision makers and courses. His deck is here

Connie Hughes, Director of Communications & Brand

Connie and the team covered well why brand is important and where it's headed. Also the new brand stories sound relevant and exciting. The deck is here

Roy Mulder, CFO HLRP

Roy briefed us on how HLRP is performing in context of the WK as a whole. His engaging presentation style definitely engaged well with the team. Unfortunately, we didn't get his deck yet ;-)

Sami Hero, VP Global Customer Experience & Engagement

Sami briefed us on building out capabilities and prepping for the breakout sessions. The deck is here.

Marina Segel, VP Global Operations

Marina briefed us on her team, the art of possible and continuous operational improvement. Her deck is here

Thought Leadership & Content Marketing

by Deb Benward

Multi-Channel Marketing Success

by Janet Feeney, Elsa Abramov and Lisa Whelan

Increasing Outreach and Improving Metrics in Email Campaigns

by Sis Santos

Content Marketing Pipeline: Build & Maintain a Destination

by Todd McKenzie & Ellen Robinson

When you have to be right