Advancing Healthcare with Joanna Briggs Institute

Healthcare professionals, institutions, academics and policymakers strive to improve health outcomes and provide the highest quality care to patients. 

Achieve this goal with evidence-based point of care content and tools from Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) - one of the world’s leading evidence-based practice (EBP) organizations – available exclusively on Ovid!

JBI's evidence-based practice model is considered a benchmark in the global healthcare industry. By using JBI's unique suite of EBP content and tools academics, policymakers, healthcare professionals and institutions can meet today's rigorous quality standards to improve patient outcomes. 

JBI EBP Resources offer:

  • Point of care content and tools that will help your institution implement evidence–based practice
  • Systematic reviews, recommended practices, evidence summaries, and more
  • Evidence to inform clinical practice — derived from JBI's Global Collaborating Centres of Excellence in 40+ countries
  • Summarized research evidence in a format that is easy to locate, understand, and distribute to your staff
  • High-quality resources designed for busy professionals who need to evaluate current evidence quickly
  • Resources designed to help assess the quality of research
  • Systematic review software that supports 10 different review types

Want more information? Download the JBI EBP Resources factsheet.

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